Polyps and Other Tumours of the Cervix


Cervical Polyps

Cervical polyps are benign lesions of the cervix that may be associated with intermenstrual bleeding or postcoital bleeding. They are usually fairly small and are smooth, circumscribed exophytic lesions that are covered either by stratified squamous epithelium (ectocervical polyp) or glandular epithelium (endocervical polyp).

The cut up of a cervical polyp typically can be accomplished by bisecting the specimen parallel to the plane of greatest surface area, bearing in mind the need to preserve the resection margin in case of rare unexpected findings in the polyp.

Other Tumours

Once cervical polyps, cervical squamous cell carcinoma and cervical adenocarcinoma are excluded the remaining primary tumours that can affect the cervix are all rare. However, among their number are leiomyomas and lymphomas.